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I ordered a biocellular analysis kit form Oceans Lab Worldwide for $155.90, which came quickly.However, after I sent it back with my samples, I heard nothing for several weeks.

They were supposed to e-mail me a report. Their phone number doesn't work. They don't respond to e-mails. Their website is still up with the phony phone numbers.

They also sell products but I haven't ordered any of those. Now I am disputing the charges with my credit card company. They seemed like a decent company but I should have checked the Internet first.

Beware!Be wary!

Monetary Loss: $155.

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In Sept., 2010, I received a timely and very beneficial report though Ocean's Lab and am just now ordering another kit. I am very pleased with my experience and the report.


I could perhaps forward these complaints to the attorney general's office in Florida as that is where the company's mailing address is.

Mary Florence

Still waiting for two biocellular results that were purchased and mailed back to Oceans Lab Oct 2010.Spoke to a female twice over these past few months and she has promised to send me a refund or store credit.

Have not received anything.

Is there anyone out there ready to file a class action against Oceans Lab?


After placing a $100 order with Oceans Lab over 5 weeks ago, I am still waiting for my order to arrive.I began checking on my order status at 2 weeks.

"Awaiting Fulfillment" is still the status at 5 weeks. I still don't know what this means, as my MANY phone calls and emails have all gone unanswered. After 4 weeks of waiting for my order and getting NO response from Oceans Lab I filed a complaint with my card company and the BBB. I wasn't surprised to see the numerous complaints  with BBB.

I have still been trying to contact Oceans Lab unsuccessfully. Instead of enjoying the products I paid for I am getting a headache  filing the paperwork to try and get my money back, not to mention the time I am having to spend dealing with the incompetence and fraud of this company!

DO NOT order from Oceans Lab unless you want to throw your hard earned money and time away! 


I made an order of MMS + HCG and they only sent MMS, after 4 months and repeated emails to the company that were ignored I have recieved nothing. When I log onto my account on their site it says "partial order shipped".

Scammy, scummy company. I made mistake of not checking other peoples experiences with company before buying.


I have emailed and phoned Ocean Lab....only one response in which a woman told me they were having packaging issues...explaining why my test kit had not arrived.Finally three weeks later it came...minus the return shipping label.

Another call and email have netted no response about that. And of course...they charged my credit card within days of the order. At this rate I see no reason to proceed with sending anything back if I can't even get the courtesy of phone or email. From the other online complaints I've read.....I think we've been HAD!

Someone is getting rich from our trust.Expensive lesson learned!!


What is with these people?

You order something in good faith and you get a big stick shoved up your butt.

I for one am going to pursue it till the end.


I am a long term retailer of their products in my store & have never had any problems with them.I just ordered the bio report & will let you know if I receive it in good standing.

I do know they were experiencing problems around the time you posted your complaint Dec 2010 & were down for awhile. Did you ever get your report? did you write them? I'm sure all internet orders were lost when their site was down temp.

Let us all know.Curious


I have ordered products from this company with no problem.I do know that Big Bro (FDA) are breathing down the necks of companies such as this one in an attempt to shut it down.

Any little thing that the company does that Big Bro thinks is actually informative is an open door for their website to be shut down.Big Bro doesn't want the general public to have access to anything that would give us genuine truth.

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